Factory Logic's MyFactory.net Enables Small, Midsized Companies

Lest you turn off your computer and go away with the errant impression that a company must be a giant in its market to offer B2B commerce online, Factory Logic Software Inc. last week launched myFactory.net. The site will serve as an application service provider (ASP), enabling companies to use Factory Logic's Streamline family of e-manufacturing software. MyFactory.net is aimed at emerging Internet-age companies as well as small to midsized traditional manufacturers seeking to move to mass customization. Using Streamline, Factory Logic Software enables companies to extend e-commerce-based ordering right to the factory. "MyFactory.net will allow almost any manufacturing company to enter the e-commerce or make-to-order world in a rapid and cost-effective way," says Richard Lebovitz, CEO and president of Factory Logic Software in Austin. "Customization becomes a reality."

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