Fastener Quality Act Date Extended

Fastener manufacturers now have until July 26 to comply with the Fastener Quality Act of 1990, a program designed to protect public safety by ensuring that certain nuts, bolts, and other fasteners used in critical situations conform to specifications. The Commerce Dept.'s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the 60-day extension of the implementation date and published the final rule for the act in the Apr. 14 Federal Register. The Fastener Quality Act of 1990 requires certain fasteners to meet exact manufacturer specifications, provides for accreditation of laboratories that test fasteners, and requires inspections, testing, and certification in accordance with standardized methods. According to NIST, additional time is needed for testing laboratories to meet the accreditation process to carry out the act. More than 150 laboratories have been accredited, and another 300 are working toward accreditation.

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