FedEx Express Plans To Boost Sales With webMethods

webMethods Inc.'s product webMethods B2B has been chosen to integrate express transportation company Federal Express Corp. (FedEx Express) and many of its large volume customers over the Internet. The implementation of webMethods B2B is intended to improve transmission to many of FedEx Express' customers by providing them secure, real-time data on shipping and tracking status. The information is meant to help customers reduce cycle times, eliminate order inefficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction. The webMethods B2B deployment is expected to expand FedEx's services beyond its current 63 million daily electronic transactions, says FedEx Corp. executive vice president Rob Carter. FedEx Express is part of Memphis-based parent company FedEx Corp. webMethods Inc. is a Fairfax, Va.-based developer of software solutions for business-to-business integration.

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