Fewer Plants, Slightly More Jobs For Indiana

In the last year, the number of manufacturing plants in Indiana decreased by 55 to a total of 11,945, while the total number of industrial jobs increased by 34 to 759,472, according to the 1998 Indiana Manufacturers Directory. The state gained 557 plants and lost 612 due to closings, mergers, and out-of-state relocations, data show. Indianapolis leads the state with 1,649 plants, which reflects a net decrease of 35 plants. Elkhart ranks second with 645 plants, a net decrease of nine. More than half of Indiana's manufacturers fall within five types of industries: industrial machinery and equipment, metal fabricating, printing and publishing, lumber and wood products, and rubber and plastic products.

The directory is published by Manufacturers' News Inc., based in Evanston, Ill.

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