Filenet Pursues Document Management

Document management, often treated as a poor stepchild of the more business-process-oriented workflow management software, may finally be coming of age with the latest release of a new package from FileNET Corp. Called Panagon Integrated Document Management (IDM) Desktop, the new software suite includes modules for viewing workflow processes, capturing documents from a Web browser, and managing reports. The new package is designed for ease of use and instant access to information, regardless of the source.

For manufacturing users, applications include engineering document management, product data management, revision control, and facilities management. "No longer is an enterprise document management solution a collection of separate and distinct technologies," says Lee Roberts, president and COO at the Costa Mesa, Calif., software firm. "We are delivering on the vision of integrated document management that is transparent to the user but integral to business solutions that meet the demand for instant access to information."

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