Ford Says It Contributes To Global Warming

By BridgeNews Ford Motor Co. said it contributes to global climate changes with carbon dioxide emissions from its facilities and products. In its 2000 Corporate Citizenship Report, the automaker offered the company's assessment on progress made in environmental, economic, and social issues. In the report Ford estimated that the combination of its vehicles on the road and emissions from its manufacturing facilities totals about 400 million metric tons of CO 2 annually. "The global temperature is rising and the evidence suggests that the shift is being affected by human activity, including emissions related to fossil fuels used for transportation," says Chairman William Clay Ford Jr. "While uncertainties remain, make no mistake about it: We believe it is time to take appropriate action." The company said it sponsored research for several years at MIT, Columbia University, and the University of Michigan to increase understanding of climate-change mitigation. Ford pledged $5 million over 10 years to a research project with BP Amoco PLC and Princeton University to find solutions to carbon-mitigation concerns.

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