Free Book Helps Execs Prepare For Stockholder Meetings

Expect questions about your company's adaptability to tumultuous international economic conditions, Y2K issues, and ventures into cyberspace to be among the most prevalent at stockholder meetings this year. So suggests Questions at Stockholders' Meetings 1999, an 82-page book provided by Deloitte & Touche LLP to help senior executives prepare for their annual stockholders' meetings. The most notable change in the 1999 edition is the addition of a chapter and several industry-specific questions focusing on e-business. "E-business is a fundamental change in the way business is conducted," says Armando Pimentel, a Deloitte & Touche partner and its national director of accounting research. "Stockholders will likely want to know the company's plans for addressing the exponential growth of e-business in today's marketplace." Additional topics addressed in the corporate guide are financial performance, corporate governance, and social responsibility. Questions at Stockholders' Meetings 1999 is free by calling 203-761-3059.

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