Free Research Paper Helps 'Sort Out' IT Presentations

From flip charts, slides, and video tapes to CD-ROMs, DVDs, satellites, the Internet, and intranets -- presenting information used to be easy and straightforward. Not anymore. So, aside from picking options out of a hat, how can communicators decide what form of medium to use? Golden Dome Media, a for-profit subsidiary of the University of Notre Dame, is offering corporate communicators and communication professionals a free copy of its white paper Sorting Out Today's Information Technology. The 13-page document offers advice on when to use which forms of technology, lists the advantages and disadvantages of each, and dispels any misconceptions about today's high-tech communication tools. For a free copy, call Patrick M. Palella at 800-782-7979; fax 219-631-1212; write Golden Dome Media at P.O. Box 1616 South Bend, Ind., 46634; or visit Gold Dome's Web site at

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