Gartner Program Targets IT Sourcing And Procurement Professionals

Advisory firm Gartner Inc. has created the IT Sourcing and Procurement Directors Membership Program. The program, says the Stamford, Conn.-based firm, brings together expertise from across Gartner in an integrated package tailored specifically for the business and technology issues facing procurement executives. "IT sourcing and procurement executives continue to be tasked with setting a business-value-based sourcing strategy," says Linda Cohen, managing vice president for Gartner. "It's not easy, but if it is done correctly, strategic IT sourcing and procurement can result in an optimized, cost-efficient and effective enterprise that is empowered to successfully achieve the business goals." Gartner's new program features a custom Web portal with comprehensive IT sourcing and procurement content; unlimited access to Gartner analysts for strategic advice; on-site workshops; IT sourcing and procurement vendor-selection software; and cost-analysis software to identify costs and benchmark performance. Additional information about the IT Sourcing and Procurement Directors Membership Program is available at

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