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Gateway Launches Migration Services

Gateway Inc.'s Professional Services suite aims to help companies of all sizes tackle IT needs via a portfolio of products under the Gateway Technology LifeCycle Services umbrella. The first solution to be rolled out is Gateway's OS Migration Services, followed by server consolidation services, clustering services, network assessment and design services, storage services, security consulting services, business-continuity services and expanded training services. According to the Poway, Calif.-based company, the Gateway OS Migration Services solution will enable companies to leverage thousands of operating-system migration experts nationwide and offer the latest OS versions and patches. "2004 is turning out to be the 'year of migration' for businesses of all sizes," says Scott Weinbrandt, senior vice president of Gateway's Enterprise Systems Division. "Gateway's OS Migration Services were designed to help customers plan and facilitate migration paths to new or improved operating systems." Gateway's OS Migration Services includes four major components:

  • Windows Server Migration -- Helps companies migrate their network operating systems from Novell, Windows NT, OS/2 or UNIX to Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003.
  • SUSE Linux Migration -- Helps customers migrate their network operating systems from Novell, Windows NT, OS/2 or UNIX to SUSE Linux Standard 8 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 8.
  • Microsoft Windows Exchange Migration -- Helps customers migrate the client's e-mail system from previous versions of Microsoft Exchange (such as 5.5), Lotus notes, Novell GroupWise or others to Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003.
  • Microsoft Windows Workstation Migration -- Helps companies migrate from Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9x and OS/2 to Windows XP.
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