GE Adds A Manufacturer To The Executive Mix

By John S. McClenahen Although the announcement came jointly from General Electric Co. Chairman and CEO John F. (Jack) Welch Jr. and GE President and Chairman-elect Jeffrey R. Immelt, the addition of Gary L. Rogers to GE's corporate executive office beginning June 1 is likely only the first of several significant moves by Immelt to put his managerial stamp on the $130 billion company. Immelt is slated to succeed Welch as chairman and CEO when Welch retires later this year. As one of three GE vice chairmen, Rogers will bring a wealth of manufacturing experience to the conglomerate's top ranks; he has run GE's lighting, appliance, and plastics businesses. And this operational background with so-called short-cycle business will complement the strengths of GE's two other vice chairman, finance guru Dennis D. Dammerman and broadcasting expert Robert C. Wright. Immelt says Rogers "is going to play an important role in helping to drive quality and productivity even deeper into the organization."

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