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Germany Hosts Supply Chain World Europe

Supply Chain World Europe promises to present a challenging program for executives seeking the latest information about supply-chain management. The event will be held Nov. 11-12 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The conference is organized by Supply-Chain Council Inc., a Pittsburgh-based not-for-profit trade organization that sponsors and supports educational efforts designed to improve supply-chain efficiency. Presenters and keynote speakers at the conference include Scott Stephens, chief technology officer for Supply-Chain Council; Joe Francis, IT business process management director, Hewlett-Packard Co.; and Richard Wilding, director of customized executive development in supply-chain management and a senior lecturer at the Center for Logistic and Supply-Chain Management, Cranfield School of Management, Bedfordshire, England. Presentation titles include "The 3 T's of Highly Effective Supply Chains," "Moving Toward Sales Forecasting Excellence," and "The Demand Flow Concept for Tomorrow and Beyond." Additional information is available online at

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