Glovia Goes Global

By Doug Bartholomew El Segundo, Calif.-based Glovia International, the applications software subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd., Tokyo, this month launched glovia.e, an all-inclusive package of software and services to enable manufacturers to conduct e-business on a global basis. "We believe the Internet has fundamentally shifted the way companies do business, making every company a participant in a global marketplace," says Matt O'Malley, president and CEO of Glovia. Glovia.e includes a family of software applications, an online trading platform, software configuration tools, and consulting services. Fujitsu will market the package and provide consulting for Glovia customers in Japan and Asia, while Glovia will do the same for companies in the U.S. and Europe. Keihin Corp., Tokyo, a global manufacturer of automotive and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning products, is using Glovia's ERP system, including customer and supplier modules. Keihin, which has implemented Glovia in its three North American companies, plans to expand its use of the software globally. "The next step is to take the systems we've implemented and introduce them into the Asia Pacific market, starting specifically with some of our plants in Japan," says Mike Mitsch, vice president of operations at Keihin Aircon North America Inc., Muncie, Ind. "We're hoping to do it with the latest release of Glovia."

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