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GOP Decries Pace of '2000' Computer Fix

Until now, Republicans have been muted in their criticism of the Clinton Administrations handling of the notorious year 2000 computer glitch, limiting their comments on the problem to Congressional hearings. But now theyve elevated the issue into the realm of politics, using the weekly Republican radio address--a political platform--to lambaste President Clinton for his inattention to the problem.

Rep. Constance Morella (R, Md.), chairman of the House technology subcommittee, warned on the GOPs Jan. 4 broadcast that many federal agencies will face breakdowns of their computer systems unless the pace of repairs picks up. She called on Clinton to issue an executive order making the computer fix the highest priority among federal agencies. Is our nation ready for this millennium bug? Frankly, no, Morella charged.

Republicans have support from Clintons own Office of Management & Budget in their criticism. In a December report, the office warned that some agencies may be underestimating the cost of the repairs. Throughout the government, says OMB, the price tag will be some $3.9 billion.

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