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Greenpeace Claims StarLink Found In Kellogg's Corn Dogs

By BridgeNews A variety of StarLink biotech corn that prompted nationwide recalls of food products last fall has shown up in another product, Kellogg's-made veggie corn dogs, the anti-biotech group Greenpeace said Thursday. The corn dogs, which are sold under the Morningstar Farms label, were purchased in a Baltimore Safeway store last month and tested positive for StarLink corn, the group claims. The corn was approved only for animal feed because of unanswered questions about its safety for humans. The products also contained a variety of genetically engineered soy that is approved for food use, Greenpeace adds. Kellogg Co. spokeswoman Chris Ervin says the Battle Creek, Mich., company has notified the Food and Drug Administration and is commissioning its own tests of the corn dogs. She says the corn dogs were produced Oct. 4 with corn that would have been grown in 1999. No recall is planned, she says. Ervin denies an allegation by Greenpeace that Kellogg's has misled consumers into thinking its Morningstar Foods products contain no biotech ingredients. While Kellogg's has tried to make them biotech-free, it doesn't label them as such. The appearance of biotech soy in the corn dogs was the result of a mistake by a Kellogg's supplier, she says. Food processors have been testing for StarLink since last fall. However, it is virtually impossible to keep some of it from getting into food products because of the way corn is intermingled, says Gene Grabowski, a spokesman for the trade association Grocery Manufacturers of America. "Strict segregation, 100% segregation, is impossible with today's food supply," he says.

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