Guide Prepares CEOs For Stockholders' Meetings

Compiled By Travis Hessman Wondering what your shareholders are thinking? Deloitte & Touche LLP believes it has an idea. The global professional-services firm recently released "Questions At Shareholders' Meetings," its annual guide designed to assist CEOs prepare for the loaded questions shareholders may have at annual meetings. For example, in the automotive industry Deloitte & Touche notes that labor relations and use of the Internet are key issues on stockholders' minds this year. Specific questions for the automotive industry may include:

  • How does the company plan to protect its market share and maintain profitability in large stable markets such as Western Europe and the U.S. while at the same time investing in and growing market share in emerging markets?
    • How do current tariffs and import duties affect the company's competitiveness in the world market? What changes does the company see to these barriers in the next three to five years?
    • How has the company capitalized on the Internet to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its supply chain?
    • Has the company taken any steps to close facilities in the near future? What factors are the most important to the company in making these decisions?
    The free guide is available at
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