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Guide Rates Logistics Web Sites From A-F

By Deborah Austin Armstrong & Associates Inc., a logistics management consulting firm based in Stoughton, Wis., has released a new publication giving in-depth information about specific logistics Web sites -- and grading them on an A-to-F scale. The guide, "Who's Who In Logistics Websites? Armstrong's Guide to Internet Transportation & Supply Chain Solutions," covers more than 130 companies. They are profiled and subdivided as Active Managers, Facilitators and Systems -- as well as classifications of "real" and "startup." The 300-plus-page guide sells for $195 (hard copy only) or $495 (hard copy and CD). It includes Armstrong's standard summary matrices to help readers sort out sites of greatest interest. Armstrong also has published guides on third party logistics services providers, logistics software, supply chain management systems, and e-fulfillment service providers.

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