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Harder-Working Employees Deserve More Attention

Nearly half of full-time workers say their worktime commitment has increased in the last five years, while only 8% say it has decreased, shows a recent national survey by Personnel Decisions International Corp. (PDI). Of those whose time has increased, 43% cite a larger workload due to business demands such as staff changes or business growth. Others mention job change (24%) and financial reasons (10%). "The trend can be attributed, in part, to the tight labor market," says PDI senior consultant Vonda Mills. The worker shortage means "companies are asking employees to pick up the slack until they can get relief from new hires." To make the interim more comfortable for employees, managers must acknowledge hard work and long hours contributed, says Mills. She also recommends linking tasks to employees' career goals, and what they most enjoy. At an organizational level, managers should communicate what's being done to bring relief, and provide development opportunities to keep talented employees.

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