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Hercules Outsources Transportation And Logistics

Logistics-management-services provider Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp. has won a five-year contract to handle the North American import and export transportation and logistics operations of chemical manufacturer Hercules Inc., Wilmington, Del. Hercules provides chemicals and other materials for industrial manufacturers in the pulp and paper, personal care products, paints, and adhesives markets. Odyssey's transportation management solution interfaces directly with Hercules' SAP enterprise resource planning application, providing Hercules with a single view of the transportation supply chain. "The transportation needs of the chemical industry are unique in their sheer variety and scope," says Hercules' Rick Pekarski, director, global supply chain. "With multiple modes of transportation -- from tanker trucks to ship cargoes to rail cars -- we found that having one view of our transportation supply chain was the only way we would achieve efficiencies." Odyssey says it deploys a Net-native technology that interfaces with clients' enterprise resource planning systems. Its logistics management services are directed specifically toward the process manufacturing industry.

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