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Hewlett-Packard Welcomes Discarded Computers

Compiled By Deborah Austin Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) has announced a take-back and recycling service that lets businesses and consumers destroy discarded computers and equipment -- from any manufacturer -- without adding to landfills. The service includes pickup, transportation, evaluation for reuse or donation, and recycling, with pricing based on quantity and type of product. Functioning products will go to charitable groups that accept used equipment, or enter other reuse channels. This new take-back service is part of HP's Planet Partners Program, which includes environmental and recycling initiatives. The $48.8 billion HP, Palo Alto, Calif. -- together with $6.96 billion mining and metals company Noranda Inc., Toronto, -- already manages and operates a recycling facility in Roseville, Calif., which processes up to 4 million pounds a month of used equipment from HP and other corporate customers. The two plan to open another facility this summer in Nashville. A similar take-back service is planned for major European nations beginning this summer and in Canada later this year.

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