Honda Begins Production On Natural Gas Vehicle

Honda of America Mfg., Marysville, Ohio, has launched production of the Civic GX natural gas vehicle, the first fully mass produced natural gas passenger car. The GX emits one-tenth the hydrocarbon emissions of the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle standard and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20%.

"The Civic GX is a landmark mass production vehicle that makes a positive contribution to the environment while it serves our customers as a high quality Civic Sedan," says John Adams, senior vice president of Honda of America Mfg. "It provides the best balance of emissions, economy, performance, comfort and value."

The Civic GX, which runs exclusively on compressed natural gas, produces more horsepower (110 vs 106) than the gasoline powered Civic LX and has a driving range of 200 miles. Honda currently is taking orders for Civic GX deliveries to fleet customers, including federal, state, and local government entities and utility fleets.

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