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HR Seminar Focuses On 'War For Talent'

Compiled By Lisa Hofmann There's talk of war -- at least a war for talented employees. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Hudson Institute will address this and other workforce development issues at the War for Talent -- Winning Strategies Conference to be held Sept. 27-29 at the Marriott Metro Center Hotel in Washington. The conference will draw HR professionals and leading experts from around the nation, says SHRM. All companies and industries face the challenge of retaining key employees and attracting sought-after talent. Sessions will explore these problems in the wake of today's tight labor market. Presentations will include:

  • Worker Turnover: Controlling a Profit Killer
  • Our Rapidly Growing Hispanic Workforce
  • Employee Loyalty: Measuring It and Achieving It
  • The Aging Workforce: Making the Most of Experience
  • From Workforce 2000 to Workforce 2020
  • Global Sourcing of High-Tech Talent
  • Latest Projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Global Recruitment on the Internet
The conference will feature keynote presentations by SHRM President and CEO Michael R. Losey; Hudson Institute President Herbert I. London; former Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin; and chief demographer and workforce analyst, Hudson Institute, Richard W. Judy.
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