Human Resources Hiring Solution Spans Employees' Careers

Compiled By Traci Purdum HRsmart Inc., a Plano, Texas-based provider of Web-based management solutions, is offering SmartSuite, a pre- and post-hire solutions package. All products in the suite, which range from initial-hire to succession-planning solutions, are modular and fully integrate with each other. The solutions package includes:

  • Applicant Tracking (ATsmart) tracks performance, cost-per-hire and time-to-hire and supports EEO and OFCCP compliance.
  • Employee Referral (ERsmart) promotes employee referrals with one-click posting of jobs from your Applicant Tracking System to your Employee Referral solution.
  • Performance Management (PAsmart) accommodates any appraisal form, identifies and tracks development needs and monitors performance by division, department or supervisor.
  • Learning Management (LMsmart) lets managers and employees create training paths; gives them access to view and register for available training, take exams and track results via the Internet.
  • Career Development/Succession Planning (CDsmart) allows a company to keep track of the talents and skills of its employees, lets them manage their career paths and provides executives with an easy-to-use and effective succession-planning tool.
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