Incentives Touted As Major Motivator

The research arm of the Society of Incentive & Travel Executives has released research results that tout the value of incentives in today's austere business climate. The research report by the SITE Foundation, "Incentives, Motivation and Workplace Performance: Research and Best Practices," was based on a review of published research from 1960-2000; a summary of past research; and a survey of 145 U.S. organizations using incentives. Key survey findings include:

  • Incentive programs aimed at individuals increased performance 27%; programs aimed at teams increased performance 45%.
  • Ninety-two percent of surveyed workers said they achieved their goals because of incentives.
  • Incentives have an equally positive impact on quality and quantity goals.
  • Incentive programs that include employee input work best; however, only 23% of incentive programs are selected with employee input.
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