Industry Association Predicts 20% Growth For Semiconductor Market

By Jill Jusko The Semiconductor Industry Assn.'s (SIA) midyear forecast is projecting an industrywide recovery in the second half of 2001 that will spur growth of 20.5% in 2002 and 25% in 2003. "Despite the sales decline brought on by the excess inventory this year, the semiconductor market is still projected to grow from $149 billion dollars in 1999 to $283 billion by 2004, a compound annual growth rate of almost 14%," says Kirk Pond, president, CEO, and chairman of Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. Pond delivered the midyear forecast for the SIA. According to the Redwood City, Calif.-based industry association, the America's market will remain the world's largest in sales revenue during the next four years, with the Asia Pacific market (non-Japan) closing in. While the America's market will decrease 22% to $50 billion in 2001, it will grow to $60 billion in 2002, $75 billion in 2003, and $76 billion in 2004, forecast highlights show.

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