Information Sharing Highlight of Add-Ons

Working with seven large global firms, Chesapeake Decision Sciences has developed add-on extensions to its supply-chain-management software that let companies share applications and data among one another over local and wide-area networks, corporate intranets, and the World Wide Web. Companies that worked with New Providence, N.J.-based Chesapeake to create the software add-ons are Du Pont & Co., Monsanto Co., Philip Morris Cos. Inc., Quaker Oats Co., Rohm & Haas Co., Shell Chemical Co., and Union Camp Corp. Customers using the software firms distributed MIMI systems now will be able to do forecasting, ordering, planning, and scheduling from more points within their firms, while extending data access to their trading community. "Distributed MIMI meets the growing need for multiplant and multi-enterprise supply-chain planning, which is emerging as more companies recognize the competitive advantage that supply-chain engineering affords," says Thomas Baker, Chesapeake president.

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