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Integrated IT Project Management

Improve management of the portfolio of IT projects and promote team collaboration with TeamPlay IT project management software suite from Primavera Systems Inc. The suite integrates project and best-practice methodology management for the entire project team with roll-up project status, performance measurement, and risk identification capability for the CIO. "With TeamPlay, IT organizations can be sure their developers are working collaboratively on the company's most important projects and tasks, and that they have the reference documents and information necessary to do tasks the right way the first time," says Joel Koppelman, president. "At the same time, the CIO now has a clear view of the progress on the projects and programs essential to the company's strategic plans." Specific capabilities of the suite include:

  • Web-based team collaboration and project feedback assists delegation of assignments and simplifies status collection. A Web-based interface gives team members a personalized view of project information, allows tracking of regular and overtime hours against project tasks, and sends feedback on estimates and project complexity to the project manager.
  • Cross-project resource pool helps IT organizations match individual proficiency to specific assignments, and manages the necessary information to flow work from one person to the next.
  • Comprehensive project Web site provides access to project details, including project documents and reports.
  • Methodology management of best practices provides the framework and power to author, manage, and deliver uniform project practices to the enterprise, including organizational standards, estimation metrics, and work/product templates for reuse with each new project plan.
  • Risk identification and impact analysis helps project management identify IT project issues and risks, including problem probability and cost impact.
  • Visible project performance builds enterprise-wide project performance measurement into the execution of IT project plans with thresholds, milestones, deliverables and project metrics. It provides visibility of project performance via project portfolio analysis and insight to executives and project sponsors.
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