Integrated New Media Offering Empowers E-Commerce EducatorsSolutions

Compiled By Deborah Austin, a recently launched online resource, offers multimedia e-commerce curricula to business school faculties. It was developed by Cambridge, Mass.-based Marketspace, a member of the Monitor Group family of professional service firms. "If the new economy is all about speed and dynamic content, why are we teaching next-generation managers with old-style tools and static content?" says Marketspace Chief Idea Officer Bernard Jaworski. MarketspaceU aims to address that concern by integrating original textbook material with customized online content updated in realtime. This includes company case studies, lecture summaries, and multimedia interviews with new-economy leaders. eCommerce -- the first print volume of a Learning Series coproduced by MarketspaceU and McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publishing -- was released in November and has been adopted by more than 59 business schools worldwide.

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