Intentia Develops 30-Minute, On-Demand Supply Chain

Technology provider Intentia International AB says it has developed an on-demand technology platform that enables companies to integrate their information-technology systems with suppliers and customers within 30 minutes and share business applications such as Web services. The technology platform, called Movex Edge and based on Internet standards, allows this integration regardless of the type of system or device on which the information is held, according to Intentia. "Regardless of system type, Movex Edge creates a 'plug and play' collaborative business community where any type of information from any source -- computers, PDAs, cell phones, laptops . . . are 'subscribed' to within minutes," explains Lars Wettergren, director of the Movex platform. "The information is mixed and matched with any company's enterprise and supply-chain functionality. It's then 'published' as a new Web service application for use by the whole supply-chain community for collaborative business planning and transactions between partners." Wettergren says that Movex Edge allows supply-chain partners to be added or disconnected as business environments change. It is enabled by Java, XML and IBM middleware. Intentia International is headquartered in Sweden.

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