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Internet Explorer 4.0 Preview 2 Adds New Push Technology and More

New push technology, browser enhancements, Web integration, and collaboration features highlight Internet Explorer 4.0 Preview 2 from Microsoft. The Explorer's Active Channel push technology is supported by more than 250 consumer and business content providers. In addition, any Web site can be "broadcast" to a users desktop. Other push features include offline caching, multiple push-delivery options, and full support of proposed channel definition format (CDF) standards. Browser functionality is enhanced with Explorer Bars that help users visit favorite sites; and a History bar, which displays a list of sites visited in previous surfing sessions. Collaboration features include video conferencing, multipoint application sharing, and Web-page authoring, while new integration technology presents a single, seamless interface to users to access the Web, their hard drive, and the corporate intranet or extranet.

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