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Internet Filter Aims To Block Spam

Compiled By Jill Jusko Net-Sieve Inc. has launched Net-Sieve 250, an Internet filter designed to block unwanted e-mail transmitted to a Web browser or via e-mail. The Austin, Texas-based company's product resides between a company's or Internet service provider's connection to the Internet via both incoming and outgoing Ethernet connections. The firm says key features of this initial release include the following:

  • It returns to sender, tags or redirects pornographic content in e-mail or blocks the content when Web browsing.
  • It returns to sender, tags or redirects e-mail spam.
  • It blocks viruses from entering a network via e-mail.
  • It examines incoming and outgoing e-mail for company-specified key words or phrases that may indicate leaks of sensitive information, copying that e-mail to the appropriate individual in an organization.
Net-Sieve will begin delivery of its product, which is designed for fewer than 250 users, in January 2003.
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