Internet Forum Encourages Collaboration

Manufacturing researchers and managers can call the CoPs for collaboration efforts. The Next Generation Manufacturing Technologies Initiative (NGMTI) is offering Communities of Practice (CoPs), Internet forums that offer and encourage collaboration among researchers, managers and other manufacturing practitioners. The initiative is sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. According to NGMTI, which is led by a coalition of the Advanced Technology Institute, the Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative (IMIT) and the National Counsel for Advanced Manufacturing, the forums aim to energize a national consensus for investing in high-leverage, high-impact manufacturing technologies that enable faster delivery of affordable systems for defense while at the same time improving the global competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers. "The CoPs will be a 'living workshop' to help develop NGMTI national strategic investment plans," says Mark Jones, IMTI director of communications and the manager of the CoP. "We want to bring the technology users and developers together to focus on their compelling challenges and to accelerate the delivery of solutions that deliver dramatic impact for U.S. manufacturers." Interested parties may join the CoPs by going to www.NGMTI.US.

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