IntraNetics Solution Promises Easy Intranets

Small- to medium-sized businesses and departments of large organizations can sidestep technology barriers and deploy intranet solutions quickly with IntraNetics 97 intranet-in-a-box product, a series of integrated turnkey applications based on open standards from IntraNetics Corp.. Based on Netscape technologies, the 17 applications are organized into five categories for information access, including:

People: applications able to track employees; create/update organizational charts; develop, sort, and search business contacts; and orient new hires;

Places: applications to browse, sort, and search open job listings; create and view facility maps; reference internal phone rosters; and discuss key company happenings in forums;

Things: applications to generate common expense reporting across the company; view supply catalogs and place orders; download sales presentations; sort, search, and download software, printer drivers, and utilities; and review a searchable resume bank to find the ideal candidate;

Time: applications to coordinate and schedule corporate events, shareholder meetings, and an in/out locator to find colleagues;

Reference: applications to create a wizard-driven company newsletter, personalize and read a news feed, and browse and search employee handbooks for the current company policy on HR issues.

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