Job Hunters: Use Fax, Postal Mail For Resumes

Even in this electronic era, resumes sent in the mail still have more impact than those sent by fax or email. A survey by staffing services firm, OfficeTeam in Menlo Park, Calif., found that while 64% of employers have no preference as to how they receive resumes, 21% preferred receiving them by mail. Only 8% preferred resumes via fax, and just 4% via email.

"Executives often prefer the mailed version of a resume because of what it reveals about the job seeker," says Diane Domeyer, executive director of OfficeTeam. "It shows a candidate has extended a greater effort to personalize the information. In addition, the choice of paper, quality of printing, and layout of the document give insight to overall professionalism."

The ideal approach: Fax or email a resume for expediency with a note that a hard copy will be mailed, Domeyer says.

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