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Knowledge Is Tactical, Strategic Force In Value Chain, Says Partnership

Compiled By Deborah Austin To help business-unit owners bring value-chain members up-to-speed more quickly on their product and service lines, Sapient and Vuepoint have formalized a partnership to develop learning solutions. Business and technology consultancy Sapient Corp., Cambridge, Mass., and Vuepoint -- Roslyn Heights, N.Y., provider of enterprise software for distributing/managing proprietary information -- will work with companies to deploy learning solutions identifying knowledge gaps, and disseminating knowledge to value-chain players including suppliers, partners, customers and employees. The aim: help businesses bring products to market more quickly, increase productivity, reduce costs and tap knowledge information's potential as a profit center. The two are delivering a solution for Toyota Motor Corp. to streamline learning across the auto manufacturer and its dealership network, and are developing offerings for other industries.

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