Kraft Enters Pact With Web-Based Food Delivery Service

Kraft Foods has entered an agreement that will place its products on PDQuick, an Internet-based service for express delivery of made-to-order meals, groceries, and convenience products. Under the agreement, Northfield, Ill.-based Kraft will be the exclusive provider of prepackaged meats and cheeses, frozen pizza, side dishes, and salad dressings; and will be a preferred provider of foodservice products and services. PDQuick customers will be able to purchase such popular Kraft brands as Kraft cheeses, Oscar Mayer sliced meats, Lunchables lunch combinations, Post ready-to-eat cereals, Philadelphia cream cheese, Tombstone and Di Giorno pizza, Kraft macaroni and cheese dinners, Stove Top Stuffing mixes, and Miracle Whip salad dressing.

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