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Leadership, Management Skills Most In Demand, Says Accenture

By John S. McClenahen In major U.S. firms, the hunt for talent continues, with leadership and management skills the most sought after for 2002, indicates a new survey from Accenture, a New York-based management consulting firm. Customer contact skills and technical skills rank second and third on the in-demand list, according to the survey of 150 senior executives conducted for Accenture by Wirthlin Worldwide, a McLean, Va.-based market research firm. The survey also suggests major layoffs among U.S. companies may be ending. Nearly 70% of the senior executives report that workforces in their companies will remain at their current levels -- or post modest increases -- in 2002. Another 18% say their companies will hire more than 1,000 workers this year. The survey was conducted between Dec. 3, 2001 and Jan. 22, 2002.

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