Lear Corp. Ohio Plant Earns ISO 14001 Certification

Lear Corp. has announced that its Sidney, Ohio, plant has earned ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized environmental management standard. Lear Sidney, a part of Lear's Manufacturing Operations Division, produces floor carpet, trunk trim, and back panels for plants that assemble the Ford Taurus and Ford Ranger, the Lincoln LS and the Mercury Sable, among others. As a result of the ISO 14001 audit, solid waste was identified as the No. 1 problem at Lear Sidney's operations. Carpet scraps had been sent to landfills. Now the plant is working with a nearby business to recycle the scraps. "Lear is especially aware of the importance of good environmental citizenship," says Kenneth L. Way, chairman and CEO of Lear Corp. "We are proud of the job our employees at Sidney and the rest of our facilities around the globe are doing to protect the world for future generations." In order to achieve ISO 14001 certification, a plant must, as a first step, identify the aspects of the operation's activities, products, and services that impact the environment and then develop objectives and targets to reduce that impact.

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