Let Me Bend Your Ear, Uncle Sam: Big-Business Lobbying Tops $100 Million

Compiled By Deborah Austin To lobby the federal government in 2001, America's 20 largest companies reported spending a combined $100 million plus, writes Influence, the lobbying newsletter of legal-industry media company American Lawyer Media Inc. in its Sept. 18 issue. The two biggest spenders were manufacturing-related conglomerates. Specifically, General Electric Co. reported $15.43 million in lobbying expenses, while Philip Morris Cos. Inc. reported $12.52 million. But their lobbying concerns ranged far beyond manufacturing, says Bill Kisliuk, senior editor, Influence. General Electric, which owns media company NBC and several finance-related divisions, faced legislation agendas in those areas, and its government contracting and procurement involvement entail lobbying defense committees and appropriators, he says. And Philip Morris "manufactures one of the most highly-regulated products in the U.S." Other manufacturing-related companies' lobbying expenditures in 2001 include: Boeing Co., $7.34 million; ExxonMobil Corp., $6.01 million; Ford Motor Co., $5.48 million; IBM Corp., $4.97 million; General Motors Corp., $4.72 million; ChevronTexaco Corp., $4.2 million.

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