'Let's Do Lunch' Usually Means 'Let's Pack Lunch'

Two out of three Americans take their lunch to work -- most of them do it to save money -- says a recently released report from Tupperware Corp. The report also shows women are more likely than men to bring a homemade lunch to work (74% vs 60%). And of those who bring lunch, women are more likely to make their own (93% vs 74%). Workers in metropolitan areas are more likely to take lunch to work (69%) -- and to eat at their desks (30%). Among nonmetropolitan workers, 58% bring lunch, and 17% eat at their desks. The company lunch room is most often used by the 18-to-24-year-old age group (39%). They are most likely to spend their lunch break eating and socializing (60%) instead of at their desks (24%) or in a restaurant/deli (20%). Why bring lunch? Sixty-one percent of respondents say "to save money." But as for brown-bagging it, only 30% say they actually bring lunch in a brown paper bag.

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