Maidenform Gets Supply-Chain Support From Essentus

Maidenform Inc. -- the 75-year-old lingerie company -- recently deployed supply-chain solutions by Essentus Inc., formerly Richter Systems. Maidenform is using Essentus Sourcing and Essentus Demand Management to process sales orders; allocate inventory to sales orders; and ship, invoice, and create a daily sales journal. Also it is processing and maintaining production and raw-material orders on Essentus -- using its "Just in Time" Manufacturing Resource Planning module -- to match production cycle with market demand, and heighten responsiveness to customers. Internally, Maidenform will boost efficiency and cut costs by making real-time information universally available to all divisions, says Vice President and CIO Chuck Codling. Maidenform, with annual sales of $250 million to $300 million, is based in Bayonne, N.J. Essentus has offices in Montreal and New York.

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