Manufacturer-Tailored Solution Enables Data Warehousing Implementation, Analysis

Compiled By Deborah Austin A new manufacturing logical data model (MLDM) -- and analytical applications for supply-chain intelligence -- have been released by Teradata, provider of enterprise data warehousing and enterprise analytic technologies/services. Using Teradata MLDM, customers can implement an enterprise data warehouse embracing data on sales, marketing, financials, inventory, customers, products, trading partners, point-of-sale and clickstreams. The MLDM -- a picture of the data -- defines how different types of data relate to each other. It provides an information-mining framework to address issues such as which purchasing groups excel at driving down price, which shipments must be expedited to meet demand changes, and cycle-time patterns by customer/sales office/product line. Analytics range from contract management to deductions management to channel profitability. Teradata is a division of technology company NCR Corp., Dayton, Ohio.

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