Manufacturing Solution To Offer Ford Suppliers Real-Time Production Views

By Deborah Austin A new collaborative e-manufacturing solution is slated for Ford Motor Co. production facilities worldwide -- via partnership between Ford, Dearborn, Mich., and GE Fanuc Automation, affiliated business of the $125.9 billion General Electric Co. The GE Fanuc-designed and -implemented solution -- scheduled for pilot-plant rollout this year -- includes supply-chain management features, automated production scheduling and routing/tracking. For example, all jobs for a specific order can be routed to the most capable machines/resources. The solution also offers Ford and its suppliers real-time views into the production process, enabling just-in-time parts delivery. GE Fanuc Automation North America Inc., Charlottesville, Va. -- industrial automation solutions supplier -- is a joint venture between GE and Fanuc Ltd. of Oshino-mura, Japan, a $2.1 billion provider of controls for the machine tool market.

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