Marketing Firm Sees Growth In Non-Medical Glove Market

The non-medical glove market will grow steadily in the next few years, says a recent study from marketing consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Food services, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, and other fast-expanding industries will drive the demand. The market generated $392 million and a 4.5% yearly growth rate in 1997, says the study, The North American Non-Medical Glove Market. The hot item: thin-film nitrile gloves, thinner than vinyl or latex disposables, but twice as strong, says Frost & Sullivan medical analyst Collin Tam. "The challenge is for new and existing companies to enter this booming market. Larger manufacturers need to expand their product line and offer thin-nitrile gloves if they want to remain in the top tier." Other study highlights: a shift toward synthetics because of allergies to natural rubber latex; price pressure from foreign manufacturers; and a demand for minimal particulates or powders, which can contaminate microelectronic chips. For more on the study call Kathleen Cooney at 650-237-4385 or e-mail [email protected]

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