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Matrics Introduces High-Speed RFID Tag Assembly System

A new product that identifies speed as its advantage has been introduced to the radio frequency identification (RFID) market. Matrics Inc. introduces PICA, a high-speed RFID tag assembly system for the consumer-goods supply chain. PICA, which stands for parallel integrated chip assembly, has the ability to produce millions of EPC (electronic product code) compliant RFID tags per hour "at a price point that is economically feasible," asserts Mike Arneson, founder and chief technology officer of Columbia, Md.-based Matrics. The company describes its new product as analogous to a "printing press for RFID tags," with the ability to produce an entire "page" of RFID tags at one time. Matrics says a prototype PICA production machine was built in spring 2003. A PICA production machine slated for installation at Matrics' headquarters will begin production in the first quarter of 2004.

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