Measuring Plant Performance Is Goal Of New Software

Another Web-based performance system, this one aimed at maximizing operational performance at the plant level, is Thru-Put Performance Analyzer from Thru-Put Technologies. The Web-based performance monitoring system enables plant managers to review operational measures from the shop floor to the corporate level. Performance Analyzer provides information that results in faster implementation of constraint-oriented manufacturing concepts including the theory of constraints (TOC) and drum-buffer-rope. "Replacing traditional efficiency measures with Performance Analyzer's TOC measures will provide the right incentives to institute drum-buffer-rope effectively and achieve ever-improving bottom line results," says Jeff Waite, vice president of materials and logistics for Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems LLC. Performance Analyzer is part of Thru-Put Manufacturing 5, a planning, scheduling, and control system for manufacturers. Companies using software from Thru-Put, based in San Jose, include FMC Wellhead, NEC America, Raytheon Aircraft, and W.L. Gore & Assoc.

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