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Mexican Truck Ruling Helps Poor, Advances NAFTA Goals

Import restrictions on older pickup trucks entering Mexico will be eased as part of a package of measures aimed to crack down on illegally imported vehicles, the Mexican Commerce Secretariat said in a statement Mar. 14. The importation of pickups 10 years old or more will be permitted, with restrictions, starting Apr. 1. The Mexican government wants to reduce the estimated 1 million to 2 million illegally imported vehicles in its country (compared with 14 million legal vehicles). However, efforts to stop the flow of illegal vehicles have roused some public ire because poorer Mexicans can afford only the black-market vehicles. The trucks' ruling should soften opposition to tougher enforcement efforts. The measure also advances liberalization rules under the North America Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA will slowly ease restrictions on imports of all types of used vehicles from Canada and the U.S. until all restrictions are lifted in Jan. 1, 2019.

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