Minorities Say M.B.A.s Don't Guarantee Equality In Business

Corporate America's minority M.B.A.s say they still lag nonminorities in getting hired, promoted, and reaching their firms' upper levels. But many expect opportunities to improve or remain steady. A recent survey of African-American, Hispanic-American, and Native-American M.B.A.s by The PhD Project found:

  • 73% say minority M.B.A.s lag nonminorities in getting hired for corporate positions.
  • 86% say minorities lag in earning promotions and raises.
  • 97% say minorities fare worse in reaching the corporate "inner circle."
  • From their experience and observations, 38% say life in corporate America is about the same as five years ago; 34% think it's better.
  • Looking ahead five years, 40% expect no change in opportunities for new minority M.B.A.s to land good jobs and advance; 38% foresee improvement.
The PhD Project is a long-range effort to substantially increase minority faculty and student representation in U.S. business schools. It is supported by a coalition of corporations and academic institutions.
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