Models, Information Available for Download

Design engineers can now locate and download a host of 3-D models of common components directly into their CAD designs with DesignSuite, an Internet-based library of models and technical information developed by InPart Design Inc.. Partnering with major mechanical-component vendors such as Parker Hannifin, Aeroquip, the Torrington Co., and U.S. Electrical Motors, InPart has currently built models of more than 100,000 components. Designers locate the models via a parametrically driven seach engine over the World Wide Web. Once selected a model is created in real time and customized to reflect the user's design intent, internal standards, and CAD-system platform and application, by mapping user profiles into the part geometry at run time. Whenever library components are added or updated, the DesignSuite client software is automatically updated by the InPart publishing system.

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