Motor City Gains Canadian Recycling Plant

Compiled By Jonathan Katz Hamilton, Ont.-based Thermo Tech Technologies Inc. will open its first U.S. Thermo Master Mark III plant, an organic-waste-recycling system that handles more than 1,200 tons of organic-waste materials per day, in Detroit. Rep. Carolyn C. Kilpatrick (D,Mich.), says she feels Thermo Tech's presence in Detroit will be a catalyst in helping Detroit grow through the positive impact the plant will have on the environment. Thermo Tech CEO Ed Kroeker says other states have been receptive to the company's technology. "We have been completely overwhelmed by the mounting enthusiasm for this technology throughout the United States," Kroeker says. "Even before the Detroit project construction is underway, requests for meetings with city mayors and councils from across the United States are coming in."

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